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Pharmacy Services, Dental Laboratory, Long-term Care and Diagnostic Services

Our professional and dependable courier services supply fast, safe and confidential methods for delivering time-sensitive and delicate materials. Mission Courier services are available for your specialized needs.

  • Pharmaceutical- We can deliver prescription medications and supplies to individual patients and long-term care facilities. Couriers help build a relationship between patients and the pharmacy, while delivering on-time medications.
  • Retirement Communities-  Our service provides courteous and reliable personal deliveries for residents that include banking services, medical supplies and prescriptions.
  • Dental-  Laboratories who need product delivered to clinics use our fleet of radio-dispatched vehicles to provide a reliable, cost-effective delivery service that ensures on-time delivery and reduced overhead.
  • Long-term Care Facilities- Mission Courier provides prompt delivery of legal documents and last-minute changes to patient care and medical treatment forms between individuals, facilities, doctors and personal representatives.  We can also provide services similar to our retirement community clients.
  • Diagnostic and Clinical Laboratories-  Our fast, on-call services for delivery of related documents or specimens makes us a preferred provider of courier services to the diagnostics industry.

Multiple clinical offices can use the same courier service to streamline the transfer of information from the lab to doctors’ offices. Establishing one courier service saves money and ensures consistent and timely deliveries.

Medical courier services meet strict standards to protect sensitive information and materials. Knowledgeable and trained couriers abide by all laws regarding medical-related materials and specimens, including HIPAA and JAHCO.

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