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Promotional Products, Print Materials and Breakdown Transportation Services

Tradeshows and events use materials especially created for the marketing and promotion of different business offerings. Mission Courier  ensures timely deliveries and multiple functions during the tradeshow events. In a bind, stuck at the event and can’t get away to retrieve that last minute print item you just remembered you needed?  Mission Courier to the rescue!  Our couriers can provide support for:

  • Promotional items— we deliver large amounts of materials, including signs, posters, sales items and displays. In the tradeshow industry these items are essential for promotion and education, or are the final product.
  • Breakdowns—when the show is over, our couriers can ensure a safe and timely delivery of your items to any regional shipping hub to be sent to your next show.  Think of Mission Courier as an extra set of hands for all of your off-site or to-site delivery needs.
  • Displays—couriers can provide a prompt delivery of related display items ranging from booths to table-top displays.

Along with tradeshows and events, printing companies often produce the materials used at shows, special events, internal functions and business meetings. However, most printing companies do not offer delivery services.  Timely deliveries help these processes when the schedule is tight, Mission Courier can quickly deliver time-sensitive materials and return items for revisions or corrections when needed.

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