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Payroll Delivery, Tax & Legal Documents and Audit Services

Accounting services need safe and reliable couriers to deliver time-sensitive and highly confidential materials.  Various sized businesses—from small “mom and pops” to corporate leaders—use our courier services to deliver a variety of information including:

  • Payroll—checks, W-2s and I-9s may have errors that need prompt attention in order to process payroll. Prompt services insure individual changes in wages happen immediately. Retrieval of signed paperwork, which includes items such as insurance and retirement funds, helps payroll finish processes and issue checks on time.
  • Tax Information—all businesses have tax obligations and paperwork that often needs multiple signatures along with legal advice. Courier services allow companies to complete these tasks in a matter of hours or days compared to weeks.
  • Audits—internal and external audits have many divisional parts that need prompt attention. With a courier service it is easy to receive and deliver important documentation between agencies to complete the auditing process quickly and accurately.

Long delays in processing paperwork for accounting firms and payroll departments result in financial penalties and various fines.  Projects that do not have signatures or proper financial paperwork, cause improper reporting, lost time on the job and possible legal problems.  A dedicated relationship with Mission Couriers allows for quick and reliable solutions to ensure smooth transactions, timely payroll and successful audits.

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