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Our mission is to provide trouble free courier service on a consistent basis.

We show care and respect for each other and we show care and respect for each package we handle.

We are dedicated to our customer’s success.

- Mission Courier

MISSION COURIER has served the greater Sacramento area since 1988.  Today, our team remains committed to excellence – prompt service, competitive pricing, and courteous communication with every client. We pride ourselves on dependability and satisfied customers.

Direct Connect Dispatched Fleet and Tracking System Technology

Each vehicle in our fleet stays in constant communication with our home office via Direct Connect dispatch, and our in-house tracking system enables us to keep up with each package as it travels from its point of origin to its destination. We can alert you by email or text message each time a package is picked up, in route, or delivered.

Customer Service remains Our Top Priority

We have thrived in this business since 1988 largely in part because of our unwavering commitment to our customers. We go the extra mile to make sure your packages are safe while in transit, and we provide some of the best personalized service in the industry. Our couriers will communicate with your staff at pickup and delivery to make sure that personal attention is given to each and every item.


Meet two of our highly valued team members


Doug Brothers

Doug Brothers began his career with Mission Courier in September of 1991 as a courier driver. Through hard work and dedication to the company, Doug succeeded in progressing through the company ranks until, in 2002, he was promoted into a management role.

Doug’s leadership skills were noticed and he was quickly promoted to his current position – VP/Operations Manager. Doug enjoys working with customers on a daily basis to solve their courier needs which could include anything from daily pick-ups to long distance deliveries… or just taking the time to catch up with an old acquaintance.

One of Doug’s favorite aspects of his current position at Mission Courier is doing his best to help encourage and develop the next group of leaders who will show the same dedication to the company and team that Doug does.


Patsy Reynolds

Patsy Reynolds joined the Mission Courier team in March of 2008 as an Office/Customer Service Manager.

Patsy enjoys the small company atmosphere and the flexibility that Mission Courier allows her to take whatever action is necessary to meet customer needs. Because Mission Courier is not a large company, each team member is able to get to know each customer’s individual needs and address them on a daily basis, ensuring an excellent customer experience.

These skills have helped to ensure her success at Mission Courier and Patsy knows that making sure that title companies original documents are delivered and processed on time guarantees a successful transaction for their clients.

This sense of urgency carries over to all customers, allowing Mission Courier to exceed customer expectations!

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